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Multifunctional Optical Film Coating Laminating Machine

Multifunctional Optical Film Coating Laminating Machine



Performance Characteristics

1.Whole machine adopts unit-frame type structure,machine length can be made according to production requirement.
2.Coatingtype can adopt comma scraper coating, anilox roller coating, micro concaveroller coating, extrusion coating or wire bar coating, according to actualproduction technology.
3.Stepless speed regulating by AC inveter, synchronouscontrol of unwinding, pre-traction, coating, laminating traction and rewinding.
4.Sectional independent homothermal drying system of oven,heating type can adopt electric heating, heat conduction oil heating and so on, automatic-temperature control for each temperature section.
5.Automatic coating weight, automatic speed up and down, automatic-material breaking inspection, automatic failure warning, automatic separationed reunion of pneumatic component.
6.Unwinding and rewinding adopt automatic rotary double stations,non-stop material changing.

Technical parameters


 Coating type

 Multifunctional coating,coating type can adopt comma scraper coating,anilox roller coating,micro concave roller coating,slot coating or wire bar coating.

 Effective coating width


 Mechanical speed

 5-50m/min(depends on production technology)

 Unwinding diameter

 ≤φ850mm(double station,non-stop material changing)

 Rewinding diameter

 ≤φ850mm(double station,non-stop material changing)

 Heating and drying type

 Heating cycling wind by centrifugal blower,heating type can adopt electric hearing,heat conduction oil heating,steam heating or hot-blast stove heating.

 Oven length and temperature control

 15-60m optional oven length,3m for each temperature section,50-170℃±2℃ automatic controlled temperature.

 Winding edge planeness


 Total power

 about50-200kw(depends on heating type)

 Overall dimension

 39500×2800×5000mm(L × W × H)27m of oven

Notes:WEISHENG reserve the right to change technical characteristics without previous advice.
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