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Medicament Coating Machine

Medicament Coating Machine



TB300 Medicament Coating Machine Running in Our Customer's Company

Performance Characteristics

This machine is for production of medical plaster and oral film, a surface processing equipment for paper, film and cloth. Its working principle is: coat an even chemical layer on roll material, make the solvent(water) volatilized and material dry through the oven, laminate with a protective material and cool it, then rewind the finished product.
It adopts stainless steel SUS316 for material contact parts and surface plated with hard chrome for non material contact parts, hard anodizing(HV7000) for surface of transition rollers, offering guarantee for various certificates; Easy working and operating by HMI, automatic length recording, production speed displaying, automatic oven temperature control and automatic tension control for each section. It is highly popular at pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and package product companies.

Technical parameters


 Suitable materials

 Continuous roll materials such as film, paper and non-woven fabric

 Coating type

 comma roller/anilox roller coating

 Coating width


 Mechanical spped


 Coating speed


 Oven length


 Heating type

 Electric heating

 Max. winding diameter


Notes:Weisheng reserve the right to change technical characteristics without previous advice.
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